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open cell foam in a bonus room of a new home. Ready for sheet rock!

Latech Insulation has been insulating homes, shops, crawlspaces and other structures in the Deridder, Lake Charles area for the past 8 years. We are a small owner operator business that takes pride in our work. Our best advertising has not been online but through word of mouth from our customers. This is why we believe customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

1 inch of closed cell foam in a pole barn style shop.

Spray Foam Insulation

When we opened for business in late 2010, we only offered open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation. Open cell foam is often referred to as half pound foam  and closed cell foam is often referred to as two pound foam. These terms better reflect the density of the foams. One cubic foot of open cell foam is (half a pound) and one cubic foot of closed cell is (two pounds). Closed cell (two pound) foam is often used where it will be left exposed such as a crawlspace or a shop. Because of the greater density oftentimes only one or two inches is needed to achieve the desired effect.  Open cell (half pound) foam is often used in homes because like closed cell it creates a complete seal, has good noise dampening qualities and is cheaper than closed cell for the same (r) value.

cellulose insulation in the walls with open cell foam in the roof deck

Cellulose and blown Fiberglass Insulation

It didn't take us long to realize that offering only spray foam wasn't terribly smart in today's market. We all like to have options so with this in mind we bought some used equipment that would allow us to enter into the blown cellulose and fiberglass insulation market. Since then we have upgraded and now we have reliable equipment that helps us do a good job every time. If you don't feel like you can quite afford spray foam, often cellulose or blown fiberglass is a more affordable option. We often blow cellulose in the walls and spray foam in the roof or vice versa.

Why Us?

The competition is pretty stiff and many of our competitors also are doing good work.  Since we are working mainly for contractors who are building homes we will use a new home for an example of what you will get if you choose Latech. When we arrive the first thing we do is prep the house for whatever type of insulation we will be installing. For spray foam  we caulk all the double studs,window and door headers and top plate.  We  seal all the gaps around windows and doors with a low expansion window and door foam.  We also drill into all the tees and corners  of the exterior walls so we can fill the cavities with foam or even cellulose. After we install the insulation we trim the excess foam and make sure there is no foam in the corners or on the face of any of the studs that will get in the way of the sheet rock.  Cleanup is never fun but its also what we are known for. We almost always leave the house cleaner than when we arrived. we understand the frustration of working in somebody else's mess and don't want you to have to do it.

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